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Message from Dr. Aqeel Ahmed
​Dear students, parents and valued colleagues,

At Bestcollegeschina.com we have an excellent track record in the success rate of our students gaining qualifications at all levels from Basic Chinese Language training to Higher and Further Education in field of Medicine, Engneering, Political Sciences and Business.

Over the past 6 years we have helped, advised and placed over 1200 students from over 70 countries world-wide in to various language schools, colleges and universities in China. Studying abroad in China doesn’t just open new doors to an individual’s future; it changes lives.

The success of Bestcollegeschina.com rests on the outstanding contribution of our staff who are dedicated to making Bestcollegeschina.com a place where both impartiality and honest advice are the priorities. They are committed to helping people of all ages and abilities achieve their aspirations, whether they are aiming for language improvement, work experience or education progression.

I am extremely proud that students from all over the world choose Bestcollegeschina.com to provide them opportunities to enrich their lives personally, academically and professionally.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Aqeel Ahmed
MBBS, MS General Surgery (Hepatobilliary Surgery)
Founder and Managing Director
Cosmo Enterprises Pvt Ltd

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