Bachelor's Degree Programs

1. International Economy and Trade /BBA /BSM

Courses of this program are designed to the following four parts: economics, Chinese language study, Wenzhou area economy and trade to China. Among the courses, business mandarin, Chinese study, English study and bilingual study respectively Occupy 1/3. Through 4 years’ specialized study, the foreign students systematically make sure to grasp the basic principle of economic, Chinese economy and elementary theory of Chinese trade and related knowledge. Students can be acquainted with the development of contemporary economy and trade in China, command the general international trade rules and conventions, get familiar with the policy, laws and regulations of trade to China, understand Chinese social economy situation and the geographical economy, get to know the economical pattern and macroscopic economical trend, region economy development. Meanwhile, they can learn Chinese and Chinese traditional culture systematically, understand the local conditions, social customs of China. They can be engaged in the trade operation, trade management and so on, become administrative personnel and advanced office clerk of companies in China.

4 Years , Tuition fee per Year : 20000 Chinese Yuan/ 2940 USD

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Application Deadline: 31 July 2012

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NEWS: Admissions are open for Sep-Oct 2012 intake of BBA/ International Economy & Trade.  APPLY NOW.