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NEWS: Admissions are open for Sep-Oct 2011 intake of MBBS, BDS, PG & PhD.  APPLY NOW.

                                                 Examination Rules Of Wenzhou Medical College

1. Candidates should enter the examination classroom ten minutes early. Candidates should not take the examination on account of 30 minutes’ late. Candidates should not leave the examination classroom within 30 minutes at the beginning of the exam and 10 minutes at the end of the exam.

2. Candidates should bring admission card and student card with them, and be seated according to the number or assigned by the examination supervisor. Candidates should put the admission card and student card on the upper left-hand side. 

3. The examination room should be kept quiet. Candidates should not smoke, make noise or influence classroom order. Candidates can put up hands if have any questions. Candidates can query if the print is too small for them, but they should not ask any questions related to the contents of the exam paper.

4. Candidates should not bring mobile phone, beeper, cell phone and other electronic devices into classroom. Candidate should also not bring devices like electronic dictionary and calculator with them.  

5. Candidates should carry stationery with them. Candidates should not borrow stationery from other students without the classroom supervisor’s approval.  

6. Candidates should not bring books, notebooks and review outlines (no matter whether they are related to the contents of the examination paper or not) into classroom. Candidates should not carry other materials which are not required. Those who have already brought them are required to put in the assigned place. Handbags or schoolbags are not allowed to be brought into the seat.

7. No behaviors are allowed. Candidates who are caught with cheating will be dealt with according to relative terms in Examination Violation Penalty for Candidates in Wenzhou Medical College and Violation Penalty for Students in Wenzhou Medical College.

8. If under any of the following circumstances, candidates are required to leave the examination classroom and are disqualified for the exam.
  (1) Candidates do not bring required documents.
  (2) Candidates are not seated according to the number or are not seated in the assigned place required by the classroom supervisor.
  (3) After the exam paper is distributed, candidates still refuse to listen to the classroom supervisor’s advice and continue violating exam discipline.

9. The examination paper, answer sheet, writing paper are distributed by classroom supervisors together and are collected after the exam is over. Candidates can not bring them outside exam classroom. Candidates are not allowed to bring writing paper by themselves. If candidates finish the exam before required time, they should put up hands to sign the classroom supervisor first and then leave the classroom after their paper is collected. After the exam is over, candidates should stop writing and wait for the classroom supervisor’s collection. Candidates are not allowed to buy time after the examination finishes. Candidates are also not allowed to talk loudly in the exam classroom or near the exam classroom.

10. Candidates are not allowed to leave the exam classroom for any reason without permission, or else they will be regarded as giving up the exam. If candidates urgently need to leave the exam classroom, they should put up hands and get the classroom supervisor’s permission first.