Wenzhou Medical College
Application & Registeration Proceedure for MBBS/BDS Applicants

For MBBS/ BDS: (i) An applicant who  has passed  Higher Secondary School  (ii) with good health and without criminal record, applicants for BDS program should be used to right hand to operate (iii) Applicants must have passed Grade twelve/(10+2)/Fsc/HSSC or equivalent , (iv) minimum 60% score in science subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology (v) Among all the subjects, English Language is as a compulsory , (vi) Age should be minimum 18 years old at the time of admission.

Documents required for Application:

An applicant should submit the scan copies of Certificates of Senior Higher School or Highest Academic Degree Obtained along with Transcript(mark sheets) and scan copy of Passport and passport size photo by email attachment

Time of application and registration:

There is only autumn session—Sept/Oct session yearly; the Application deadline is August 15 (may close early in accordance to Availability of seats). All student should submit their documents  before August 15 so that college can process Admission Letter and JW202 Study Visa Form in time.The classes start in October and  new students will register between October 10 to October 15.

Application Procedure:

(i)All MBBS/BDS  applicants  should apply through Student Application Form
(ii)After assessing the application Form with all necessary documentation, the college will issue the Admission Letter and JW202(Students Visa Invitation Letter) and forward to the college’s representative, then the college’s representative or  Authorized Agents will deliver to the Applicants.
(iii) After receiving the Admission Letter and JW202
(Students Visa Invitation Letter), the students should go through the formalities of visa in the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries.

Entrance and Registration:

1. The class starts in October and new foreign students should come to the School of International Studies to register.
2. Submit their Admission Letter signed signature, passport along with X (Study) Visa and JW202 Visa Form, original parent’s Assurance Letter, original senior high school certificate and mark sheets to the college.
3. Pay off all of fees to the college
4. Medical Examination at local hospital in Wenzhou City China.
5. Application for Foreigner Residence Permits from at Municipal Public Security Bureau of Wenzhou City.
6. Attend  the entrance lessons about the laws and regulations of Wenzhou Medical College and People's Republic of China.

NEWS: MBBS, BDS & PG Admissions are open now for  2012 intake .  APPLY NOW.
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