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Our Services Fee

In order to help even more students smoothly apply for Chinese universities, we have redesigned and streamlined our standard service package, Bestcollegeschina.com Standard Services, effective May 1st 2019.
Bestcollegeschina.com charges a flat fee of 50 USD for Bestcollegeschina.com Standard Services, , which include: Online Application Services and Admission Offer Delivery Service. Meanwhile, all the Bestcollegeschina.com Supplementary Services are free.

Bestcollegeschina.com is the official online application platform for universities in China. We manage a simple and efficient online application system and provide admission services through which we connect international students with their ideal university and academic program.

Basically, it is this simple: Low prices are ideal and the cornerstone of business ideas and concepts. We are continuously striving to make our services better, simpler, more efficient, and always more cost-effective. We feel that 50 USD is an appropriate and reasonable service fee.

Furthermore, we would like to remind students to be careful when dealing with educational agents in China, as Chinese universities do not commission third parties to accept money from students on their behalf. If you come across this situation please contact the university for validation or contact us.

To have students further understand China prior to coming, and to provide students with information and similar services is our goal. We will always use the most straight-forward methods in order to satisfy more people's needs and to construct a more compressive service system.

Breakdown of application fees is as follows:

* Bestcollegeschina.com Services Fee + University Application Fee + Postal Service Fee

* 50USD + 100USD (example) + 50USD (Express Delivery within a week)= 200USD

* 50USD + 100USD (example) + 0 USD (Free Regular Airmail 3-4weeks)= 150USD

1. ​Applicants are allowed to make choice about delivery method. ​​
2. Applicants are required to pay application fee separately ​if they apply to more than one program or university for multiple offer letters. 

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