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Over the decades, Ningbo University (NBU) has distinguished itself especially for its humanities disciplines. Specifically, these traditional disciplines--- Chinese Language , history and philosophy to name a few–not only have stayed at the very top among the universities in China, but also earned prestige around the globe. In recent years, the humanities disciplines of NBU, with an aspiration for “nothing but the best” in original research, have accelerated their advances and developed Bachelor Degree in Fashion & Textile Design(BA Hons) program with collaboration with Ningbo Institute of Fashion &Textile Design. 

Textile Design is a future-focused and diverse discipline grounded in traditional crafts. The BA Textile Design course at NBU concentrates on the fusion of creativity, craft skills and technological innovation, with students being encouraged to stretch the boundaries of the discipline through their creative engagement with materials, processes and concepts.

BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise is a unique and forward-thinking course, that offers you the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge of both fashion and textile design. This is supported by creative thinking and entrepreneurial practices, which are embedded throughout the course.

Throughout the course there is a strong emphasis on visual research and drawing for design concept and development. We will engage you in a structured programme of projects that will encourage you to become self-motivated and generate your own personal creative language. 

Mandarin courses are designed to train beginners & Advanced level learners to learn world most difficult analytic language.  Chinese varieties of all periods have traditionally been considered prime examples of analytic languages, relying on word order and particles instead of inflection or affixes to provide grammatical information such as person, number, tense, mood, or case. Although modern varieties, including the Mandarin dialects, use a small number of particles in a similar fashion to suffixes, they are still strongly analytic.
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