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College of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics  

1:  What Can I Learn As a Mechanical Engineer Major?

The curricula of bachelor's degree programs in mechanical engineering focus on foundational mathematics and physical science courses. You'll complete engineering courses and general education requirements in humanities, the arts and social science. You'll also have to complete writing courses and take a writing proficiency test. Math courses in a mechanical engineering program cover geometry, calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. Mathematical studies will prepare you for courses that address magnetism, electricity, optics, chemistry, physics and mechanics.

Engineering courses will provide you with a general background in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. Laboratory requirements will demonstrate how principles in all of these engineering disciplines can be applied to the same problem or within the same project. Some of these requirements may cover design whereas others may cover failure analysis. Labs will also provide you the opportunity to learn how to use mechanical engineering instrumentation and measuring equipment, such as digital recorders, thermocouples, milling machines and band saws.
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* Applicants are required to submit scan copies of following documents soon after the online submission of application.
1. Transcripts 
2. Passport
3. PP size Photo
4. Guardian Letter 
(for under 18 applicants)
5. Filled official admission form
All application materials should be submitted to our university admission office before the deadline of submission.
Note:Faxed documents are invalid.
Deadline: Deadline of admissions is extended to 30 October