NANCHANG UNIVERSITY                    (Nanchang City)

1. Listed among the "Best Commercial Cities in China" by <Forbes>

              2. One of "Top 10  dynamic Cities in the Worlds" by <News Weekly>.

              3. Member of the "World Technoplis Association".

              4. One of the 10 Hormonious cities in China by <China Business Weekly>.

              5. One of 9 most famous cities in china, by CCTV.
As a Capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang is famous historical and cultural city which enjoys the fame of "City Of Heroes" and "Green City" with a history of more than 2200 Years. Nanchang city enjoys beautiful natural environment with countless lakes, plants and comfortable climate. Being a beautiful , safe and friendly city, Nanchang has international resturants, cinemas and grand shopping malls.