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Why to Study MBBS ?

Medicine is an ever growing, ever changing field. Doctors and researchers can spend their whole lives trying to find a cure for a disease only to realise that when they have, a new disease takes its place and hence the cycle begins again. This is just one of the many reasons why students choose medical studies.Being a medical student  because there is no beginning, no end to learning new knowledge  and therefore you never stop learning.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS, as it is known in some countries, is the degree that is required to become a doctor in allopathic medicine. Thus MBBS is not the universal degree that is offered after completion of undergraduate medical courses in all the countries as there are various branches of medicine and medical degrees in different countries are known differently. For example, while most medical schools in Australia offer MBBS degree after completion of undergraduate medical courses, the University of New Castle offers B.Med after five years of undergraduate studies. In England also MBBS is only one of variants of range of medical degrees that are offered by different universities.MB ChB, BM BCh, BM BS, BM, MB Bchir are some of the other degrees that are offered in UK. The system of medical education in USA, on the other hand, is very different and one needs to complete first a bachelor degree before undertaking medical studies. MBBS is most popularly known as the degree required for becoming a doctor in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

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