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Mbbs in China​​
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Mbbs in China​​
Jiangxi University of TCM(JUTCM)
trains physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses, biomedical researchers,
physical therapists, illustrators and many other health care professionals in its institutes of Preventive
Medicine, Health  Sciences, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Nursing and Center for Behavioral Neuroscience.
JUTCM has 7 affiliated and 8 teaching hospitals. 

What we Offer?

  M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) 
• Duration: 6 years including 1 year of internship

Who is eligible to apply?

• Those who have 10+2, A-Levels, FSc, HSSC, WAEC or Equivalent qualification. 
• These must include Chemistry AND Biology AND/OR Mathematics AND/OR PhysicsPage 4 of 5
While selecting candidates we look for: 
Personal characteristics: suitability to Medicine
• Empathy: ability and willingness to imagine the feelings of others and understand the reasons for the views of others
• Motivation: a reasonably well-informed and strong desire to practice Medicine
• Communication: ability to make knowledge and ideas clear using language appropriate to the audience
• Honesty and integrity
• Ethical awareness
• Other: ability to work with others, capacity for sustained and intense work 
Academic Potential
• Problem-solving: critical thinking, analytical approach 
• Intellectual curiosity: keenness to understand the reason for observations; depth; tendency to look for meaning;
enthusiasm and curiosity in science
• Communication skills: willingness and ability to express clearly and effectively; ability to listen; compatibility with
tutorial format