International exchanges and cooperation    

※  Academic exchange with Hungkuang University and Hsiuping Institute of Technology

※  Joint education program for bachelor's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Swedish TCM-College and Akupunkturakademin.

※  Joint education program with TAFENSW-Western Sydney Institute 

※  With the joint efforts of our University and Hong Kong Academy of Chinese Medicine, we successfully obtained the accreditation from the Ministry of Education for Bachelor Programs in TCM and Chinese Materia Medica and set up in Hong Kong a Teaching Center in July 2003, the first of its kind for all the medical universities and colleges in Mainland China.

※  Joint education program with the Oriental Academy of Chinese Medicine, Malaysia for bachelors in TCM.※ Academic exchange and cooperation with Centro Internacional de Estudos de Fisioterapia, Acupuntura e Terapias Orientais in Brazil

※ Joint education program with Thomas University, USA

※ Joint education program with Far Eastern University, Philippine