Ningbo -MBA program is a 2-year tailored program to international students by focusing on international business. The MBA program is designed to advance the careers of international business professionals especially those related to China by providing a broad know-how for international business.If you have ever planned of taking an MBA program abroad, China is one of the optimal places to go, for no country in the world has ever kept its economic growth on fast track for as long as nearly 30 years continuously at an average annual rate of about 9 Percent.

Master's in Business Administration

Tuition Fee:20000 RMB (3000 US$
Hostel Fee: 2500 RMB (385 US$)
Duration:2 Years
Qualification Awarded : Master's Degree
Starting Date: November
Application Deadline: October 30

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Business Mandarin Chinese 1-year Course is designed for business people who want develop their ability to use the Chinese language when conducting business in China. Our business Mandarin Chinese lessons are divided into different levels, ranging from the Beginner Level to the Advanced Level, with a wide range of useful topics and learning materials & business activities. Business Mandarin Chinese Course include, bilingual training, Chinese  business philosophy, Guanxi concept, business negotiation skills development and short internship/visits in various companies.

Business Mandarin Chinese Course

Tuition Fee:12000 RMB (1850 US$
Hostel Fee: 4000 RMB (615 US$)
Duration:1 Years
Qualification Awarded : Master's Degree
Starting Date: September 
Application Deadline: July 30 

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